Camoflauge Wetsuits

Do they help?

Hey there, spearos. This is the first edition of The Stone Shot, your weekly dose of spear content (and maybe some fishing, but we’ll try to keep it below the water line)

Here’s what we have for you today:

  • Camo Wetsuits: Do fish care?

  • Weird fish of the week: Giant Oarfish

  • Spear-cation Destination: The Bahamas

  • Video: F*** around and find out

The Question

Are Camo Wetsuits A Hoax?

Most spearfishing equipment brands offer camouflage wetsuits as part of their product lineup. They look cool and are great for marketing.

But the question remains - Do camo wetsuits actually result in shooting more fish?

Maybe, or maybe it’s just a placebo…

I have known people who swear by camo wetsuits. They’re certain that when they’re in that camo suit on the ocean floor, fish can’t see them. This might be true, but for a different reason than one might think…

Any spearo that has ventured into the world of underwater photography says the same thing:

“I see so many more fish when I have my camera in hand!”

As you should! It’s not that fish understand the difference between a camera and a speargun; rather, it's the fact that your demeanor underwater becomes more composed and less threatening. Remarkably, fish are attuned to this change in energy.

So, when you’re wearing a wetsuit that looks like the reef you’re hunting in - you’re going to be more confident. This elevated confidence level translates into smoother movements and a less alarming presence.

The Lateral Line - A Fishes 6th Sense

Like humans, most bony fish experience the world around them using the classic senses of sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. However they have an additional sixth sense called a lateral line. It allows them to detect movement around them and changes in water flow.

This lateral line allows fish to detect the electrical impulses coming from your body. You could be completely invisible and they can still sense your presence.

So if they can sense your presence no matter what you’re wearing, whats the point of camo?

The impact of camouflage

I heard a great quote one time from the guys over at Florida Freedivers. They said “Wearing a camo wetsuit is like wearing a ghillie suit and running through the forest”. Everyone and everything in the forest is going to see you. But if you sit still, stay calm and become part of your surroundings…you’ll blend in.

The same is true for camo wetsuits. If you get to the bottom, hide in a crack and don’t move - they’ll help. But if you’re doing more of an agguato technique (ambushing the fish), the wetsuit choice won’t matter.

Ultimately, the effectiveness of camo wetsuits is secondary to your skills as a spearfisher. The key lies in maintaining a composed and non-threatening demeanor underwater.

Weird Fish Of The Week: Giant Oarfish

Imagine seeing one of these guys while hunting…

Giant oarfish are mostly found in deep oceanic waters, often dwelling at depths ranging from 650 to 3,280 feet (200 to 1,000 meters). They’re pretty elusive, so encounters with live oarfish are relatively rare.

But leave it to ol’ Jeremy Wade to encounter not one, but two of these weird creatures #JeremyWadeForPresident

Spear-cation Destination

The Bahamas

The Bahamas boasts a reputation as a mecca for underwater adventurers, and for good reason. From Nassau's bustling shores to the serene Out Islands, every corner of this archipelago is a watermans dream.


For spearfishers, the Bahamas isn't just a destination – it's a dream realized. There are over 700 islands and 2,400 keys (or cays) with a myriad of fish species. It’s like they were made for us.

Da Rules

There are two very important rules to know about the Bahamas:

  1. Any kind of underwater air supply, such as air compressors and scuba gear, isn’t allowed.

  2. No spearguns!

That’s right folks, pole spear or sling only. But to be honest, that’s what makes the Bahama’s spearfishing so special. Doing it how our ancestors did.

Top Target Species: Grouper, Red Snapper, Wahoo and Hogfish (but that’s only the tip of the iceberg)


A perfect example of ‘f*** around and find out’.

Click the photo to see a video of our worst nightmare…

That’s it for us! We’ll see you back here next week.

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